Fair Trade Standards for Producers

Producers are the heart and soul of fair trade, and rigorous standards are the way we fulfill our mission and create value for your business and community. Earning fair trade certification is an ongoing process, and we’re here to help you succeed.

No matter the size of your operation, you have a huge impact on the world by partnering with Fair Trade USA®. When we create standards, we keep in mind the needs and realities of diverse producers all over the world. Our goal is to create a certification process that is fair and equitable and that helps our partners succeed—no matter what they produce. By following these fair trade standards you make sure your goods were made in ways that help improve the lives of workers, farmers, and fishermen, and protect the environment.

Learn which standards apply to you.

Fair trade standards cover many different types of producers. It’s important that you read and understand the standards and policies that apply to your industry so you know how we how we assess compliance to our standards.

Agricultural Production Standard

Factory Standard for Apparel & Home Goods

Capture Fisheries Standard

How our producer standards work

Fair Trade USA sets standards related to labor, livelihoods, and the environment and regularly evaluates them to ensure they’re providing maximum impact to producers and workers while remaining practical for businesses. We partner with certification bodies to audit and certify supply chains under these standards.

The Fair Trade Certified seal is backed by a rigorous, third-party auditing process to ensure compliance with fair trade standards. We track transactions along the supply chain which represent millions of farmers, workers, fishermen, and their families. Our approach to certification enables many different producers of a range of commodities to participate and compete in international markets in ways that are fair and equitable today and help them to progress and acquire greater business capacity over time.

Specifically, our standards include requirements related to sustainable income, safe working conditions, biodiversity, and sustainable production, and the management of the Fair Trade Premium to improve farms, factories, fisheries, businesses, and lives.

Standards for trade

Once your good leaves your farm, factory, or fishery, Fair Trade USA facilitates transparent, traceable relationships between your business and buyers. See how our trade standards keep working for you after you sell your goods.


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