It's time to build a fairer future for fashion.


Every April, We Wear Fair Trade spotlights garment workers around the world and joins Fashion Revolution Week in its call for a more equitable fashion industry. This year, we turn our attention to the plight of these essential garment workers, who continue to face new challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We're calling on you to ask your favorite brands to #GetTheSeal so that more garment workers can benefit from fair trade.

D. Rubavathi stands in the doorway of her home. She has worked at Connoisseur Fashions, a Fair Trade Certified apparel factory, for the past 5 years. She has also been on the factory's Fair Trade Committee for two years representing about 60 of her peers.

"When people refer to me as a member of the Fair Trade Committee, I feel proud. It's great to be able to help this worker community," she says. "I'm happy when my fellow workers talk about how fair trade supported projects have benefited us."

Nearly half of sourcing executives expect their garment workers to face distress this year, but just 17 percent of companies say they will support them and invest in their future. When you ask a brand to #GetTheSeal, you're showing you care about the people who make your clothes and asking them to do the same—creating more transparency, accountability, and impact. 

Watch this video created by Artistic Milliners, the first Fair Trade Certified denim company in Pakistan, about how they protected their factory workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.