Income sustainability

Fair trade standards ensure that households have the money they need to invest in their lives and their work.

  • piled-up haitian green mangoes

    Peeling Back the Fair Trade Certified Haitian Mango

    In a nation crippled by natural disasters and unstable markets, fair trade mangoes provide hope for stable livelihoods.

  • A Wholesum worker harvests tomatoes

    An Open Letter to the Fair Trade Community from a Family-owned Farm

    Farm workers from Wholesum Harvest's Amado, AZ farm share how Fair Trade is making a difference in their community.

  • planting-coffee

    Connections Through Coffee: A Journey to Guatemala

    Journey with Celina Lima, a fellow with Fair Trade Campaigns, to a coffee cooperative in Guatemala to lean about the true impact and benefits that Fair Trade has brought to their communities and individual lives.

  • women-raking-coffee

    Strength in numbers: Cooperatives making a difference

    Coffee farmers and workers around the world face uncertain futures in light of challenging times. However, by forming Cooperatives and the many benefits that Fair Trade certification brings there is a bright light on the horizon for many. Learn about the current challenges they are facing, how Fair Trade is helping to address the issues, and how you as an individual can help.