3 Printable Lunchbox Notes to Pack in Kids' Lunches

Download these free printables and send your kids to school with Fair Trade.

These free, printable lunchbox notes are perfect to slip in with your child’s school lunch to encourage them, send some love, and create a teachable moment around the food that they’re about to enjoy. Each card comes with a short, kid-friendly message about Fair Trade and space on the back side to hand-write a personalized message. Simply print, cut out, and slip into your kids’ packed lunches for a great way to connect with them during the school day.

When you buy Fair Trade lunchbox and back to school essentials, you’re not only giving your family energy to get the most out of every lesson, you’re also helping to supply food, school supplies, and education to school children in farming and working communities around the world. These notes help your kids realize their own role in that amazing impact!


Download all 3 printables