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  • farm workers at wholesum receive paid health benefits

    Fair Trade Provides Health and Safety Protections to U.S. Farm Workers

    For 20 years, Fair Trade has empowered farmers and workers in countries around the world with protections against the harsh realities of agricultural work. Within the last two years, that has also come to include the United States.

  • two #fairher women stand side-by-side in Cote D'Ivoire

    They Weren't Expecting A Woman

    Fair Trade honors women who challenge the status quo, standing out and standing up for gender equality around the world.

  • coffee cherries growing in Colombia

    'There and Back Again': The Journey of Colombian Coffee

    Follow the steep, winding trail of Colombian Fair Trade coffee through the Sierra Nevadas.

  • kids laughing at a school paid for by covilli farms community development funds

    Covilli Organic Farm Sets Trend for Growers In Mexico

    Over the last year, Celina Lima has traveled around the Southwestern United States to study the impacts of Fair Trade businesses on their suppliers’ livelihoods. This is the second in a series of posts following Celina along her journeys.

  • Niños riendo en una escuela pagada con Fondos de Desarrollo Comunitario del establecimiento Covilli

    El establecimiento orgánico Covilli marca una tendencia para los productores de México

    Durante el año pasado, Celina Lima viajó por el sudoeste de Estados Unidos para estudiar el impacto de las empresas que aplican el modelo de Comercio Justo en los medios de subsistencia de sus proveedores. Este es el segundo de una serie de artículos que siguen los viajes de Celina.

  • rose water is a great way to enjoy the health benefits of your fair trade roses

    3 Ways to Get Full Benefits of Your Fair Trade Roses

    Fair Trade's healthier method of producing roses has long-lasting benefits for you too. Here are 3 you might not have considered.

  • School children studying in Dazhangshan

    Fair Trade Organic Tea Growers in China Invest in Children’s Education

    With the extra money earned through Fair Trade certification, tea growers in the Jiangxi province of southeast China fund scholarships, classrooms, and school supplies for their community.

  • Un trabajador de Wholesum cosecha tomates

    Carta abierta de un establecimiento familiar dirigida a la comunidad de Comercio Justo

    Trabajadores agrícolas del establecimiento Wholesum Harvest en Amado, Arizona, cuentan cómo el Comercio Justo está marcando una diferencia en su comunidad.

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