6 Recipes for Making the Seafood Switch

It’s easier (and tastier) than ever to become an ally for our oceans and the people who fish them.

Bid hello to summer, backyard dinner party season, and World Oceans Day all in one with responsibly-sourced seafood. In these six recipes, Portland-based traveling chef Brett Cary heads up a global taste tour bringing coastal cuisines right from your kitchen, with fresh, seasonal ingredients and—of course—ample reasons to fire up the grill. These recipes are built around Fair Trade Certified™ seafood available on Amazon and in grocery stores nationwide, from USA Atlantic sea scallops, to Maldivian yellowfin tuna, to Mexican Pacific shrimp.

Over the last five years, choices for Fair Trade Certified seafood have helped fund safety equipment and educational supplies, support conservation projects, and strengthen coastal communities while bringing healthy, traceable seafood to the dinner table. Today, over 6,000 fishermen and seafood workers are directly benefiting from Fair Trade certification, and you can help make that number even higher. What better reason to make the seafood switch?

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Mexican fair trade shrimp fisherman in his boat