Chocolate Flan Cake

Known as “Pudim de Leite Condensado” in Brazil or “Chacoflan” in Latin America, this flan cake is an impressive dessert for a special occasion. Gooey chocolate cake made with fair trade sugar and cocoa powder gets layered with silky flan and topped with sticky caramel for a dessert that will be the talk of the evening. 

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Recipe appears in: Fair Trade Holiday Recipes

Photo: Pies & Tacos 


For the caramel 

For the chocolate cake 

For the flan 

  • 4 eggs 
  • ½ cup heavy cream (113 g) 
  • 1 can condensed milk (396 g) 
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract 
  • 1 Tbsp all-purpose flour (15 g) 

Preparation Instructions

Serves 12 

Make the caramel 

  1. Melt sugar in a small pan over medium heat. Make sure to use a pan with a heavy bottom so your caramel doesn’t start burning in some spots that might get too hot. Never stop stirring the sugar as it melts. You want it to melt evenly. Once all the sugar has melted, your syrup will probably be slightly browned. 
  2. When your syrup is smooth, with no sugar granules or lumps, you are going to take the pan out of the heat. Now, be careful with this next step. You are going to pour the ½ cup water over the melted sugar. It will probably splash, so you need to be careful and maintain your distance and do this slowly. 
  3. Once you’ve poured the water over the caramel syrup, you will notice that the caramel will have hardened. Bring mixture back to the heat, and keep stirring with your spatula until all the sugar has re-melted. 
  4. Once the syrup is smooth and with a deep amber color, you can remove from the oven. It’s supposed to be a very thin and light syrup. You can make it into a thicker syrup by boiling the mixture for a few more minutes. I just find it works better for the flan to have a slightly thinner caramel, since it will keep cooking in the oven later on. 
  5. Remove caramel to a heat-safe container. Let it cool to room temperature. 

Make the chocolate cake 

  1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease a bundt pan thoroughly with vegetable shortening and sprinkle generously with granulated sugar. Tap pan over the sink to remove excess sugar. 
  2. Pour cooled caramel on the bottom of greased bundt pan. Transfer it to the freezer while you make the cake and the flan. You want the caramel layer to be hard when you pour the cake batter in the pan so that it forms a distinct layer. 
  3. Sift the dry ingredients together: flour, salt, baking powder, and cocoa powder. Set aside. 
  4. Cream butter with an electric mixer. Add sugar and cream for about 1 minute until the mixture is fluffy and pale in color. 
  5. Add eggs one at a time, waiting to incorporate one egg before adding the next one. Add vanilla and milk and mix to combine. 
  6. Incorporate the sifted dry ingredients to the bowl using a spatula. Be careful not to over-mix. Stir until there are no more dry ingredients in the batter. 
  7. If the mixture is lumpy, use a whisk to help smooth it out, but again, don’t over-mix. 

Make the flan 

  1. Slightly beat the eggs before adding all of the other ingredients to the batter.  
  2. In a blender, mix beaten eggs, condensed milk, heavy cream, vanilla, and flour. Blend on high for 1-2 minutes, depending on the potency of your blender. You are looking for a smooth thin and runny batter. 


  1. Pour chocolate mixture over chilled and hardened caramel layer in the bundt pan. Use a spatula to smooth out the top of the chocolate cake batter. 
  2. Pour flan batter over chocolate cake, slowly and carefully. 
  3. Now place cake in the oven, over a water bath*. Cover the bundt pan tight with foil and bake for 60-90 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the cake comes out clean.  
  4. Let flan cool and refrigerate it for 6 hours or overnight. 
  5. When you are ready to remove the flan from the pan, fill up a large pan with some hot water and place the bundt pan in the water bath. This will help loosen the caramel that’s on the bottom of the bundt pan for easy removal. If you skip this step, your cake might not come out of the pan, or might break. 


  • For my water bath I use a large turkey roasting pan, works with my cheesecake pans too. Make sure you use hot water in your water bath, fill it up to the middle of the height of the bundt pan. 
  • Store it in your fridge, covered, for up to 5 days.