Fair Trade Holiday Recipes

Extend the love to the people behind your ingredients this holiday season.

If your holiday plans are anything like ours, let’s just say we’ll be going through our fair share of sugar, vanilla, spices, squash, and… oh, come to think of it, let's just make a grocery list. It’s the time of year for gathering around the table, and with more Fair Trade Certified produce on store shelves than any other time of the year (hint, hint!), it's the perfect time to extend our gratitude to farming and fishing communities around the world. How? Whether you're shopping for groceries or gifts, a choice for Fair Trade Certified products is a choice to support responsible companies, empower the people behind our products, and protect the environment. While it’s true that most of your favorite holiday recipes can be made sustainably by cooking or baking with Fair Trade Certified ingredients, our tried-and-true Holiday Recipe Guide has all our holiday favorites from own kitchens and foodie friends, ranging from easy to ambitious.


A few of our favorite pantry staples to help kick off your holiday cooking and baking.

From our tables to yours, we hope you enjoy these holiday favorites and find more delicious ways to use Fair Trade Certified ingredients. As always, be sure to share your favorites by tagging @fairtradecertified in your photos.