Back to School With Fair Trade: Your Ethical Shopping Guide

Send them back to school with fair trade.

Everyone, every age, everywhere, deserves the opportunity to go to school and learn. But some people simply don’t have access to that opportunity. According to the United Nations, more than half of kids worldwide are not meeting minimum proficiency standards in reading and math. Gender and location on the globe should have no place in determining a person’s right to receive a good education—yet they still do.

One of the ways we can help solve this global problem is purchasing back to school supplies, from the food in our kids' lunchboxes to the new clothes in their closets, that empower the people behind those products to fight poverty and earn money to invest in their communities. When you buy Fair Trade Certified™ products, that’s exactly what you’re supporting. Through fair trade purchases, the people around the world who make our products have been able fund textbooks, teaching materials, and school buildings, expanding access to education and creating lifelong learning opportunities as a result.

Do you know someone who's shopping for college? Let them know about our shopping guide for college students! This year, together, let’s make our back to school shopping count.

For the lunchbox

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For the closet

Get your school involved!

Unite with students, teachers, and staff to inspire change and impact the global community through your school. Learn what it means to start your school on the path to becoming a Fair Trade School.