Fair Trade Shopping Guide for College Students

Shop campus essentials with a conscience.

College is an exciting opportunity for a totally fresh start. New friends, new community, new living space… You’re about to experience the thrill of getting out on your own, finding your independence, choosing a community to be a part of, and discovering your passions. Plus, moving into a new dorm or apartment means freedom to curate your own space with things that represent you and your values. For many young adults, the discovery of social justice and ethics issues become an important part of their values, and it becomes clearer how even the smallest acts can change the world.

As a college student, you have a lot of things competing for your time and attention, but researching back to school products to find brands that align with your values shouldn't be one of them. The Fair Trade Certified seal on the college essentials in this guide let you shop with ease and assurance that you're not only crossing something off your list, but also that your purchase is making an impact on issues that you care about. Who knows? Your coffee, dorm furniture, or clothes could even create an opening to connect with roommates, classmates, or new friends on campus over your shared interest in fair trade and ethical shopping.

Get involved on campus!

Make fair trade part of your dorm room and your extracurriculars. Find out if your school is already part of the Fair Trade Colleges & Universities program and learn more about how you can become an advocate and leader on campus.