Fair Trade Gifts for Mom

This Mother's Day, give a gift that loves as much as she does.

When it comes to Mother’s Day, Mom deserves a gift that loves as much as she does. To cut the guesswork, we went straight to the source, asking three moms what they want most for Mother’s Day. Based on their replies, we offer a few ideas to you help bring her ideal day to life.

As a bonus, each of these gift ideas is Fair Trade Certified™, meaning your purchase supports working moms everywhere with worker's rights including maternity leave, decent wages, and opportunities to move up into leadership roles in their workplaces and communities. Mom always worked hard to give you a future without limits, and the working moms behind the Fair Trade Certified seal just want to give their families the same. This Mother’s Day, there’s no better way to show your appreciation *and* show how well you know her. (Don’t worry, you can still take credit for the idea.)



"I'd love to do a day by the river where we could enjoy a lovely family picnic together full of fancy, fun treats. Then we could all read books and relax or explore the river banks for cool finds. And of course, all the planning and packing would be done for me."

Scarlet Paolicchi, Nashville blogger behind FamilyFocusBlog.com

"I'm excited to spend time hiking with my husband and daughter for Mother's Day. We might even go camping!"

Trini Gantner, Standards Manager at Fair Trade USA

"My dreamy Mother's Day would consist of a relaxing day at the beach, riding bikes along the boardwalk, jumping around in the waves, and relaxing on a big towel in the sun."

Mari Triplett, Director of Coffee at Fair Trade USA