Summer Shopping Guide: Cool Down with Fair Trade

Bring on summertime with products that do good.

Think about the things you love to enjoy and cool off with in the summertime, like ice cream, soda, and iced tea. Did you know that in Nicaragua, where sugar cane is harvested to sweeten many of those summer treats, temperatures routinely top 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day while farmers are out harvesting? In fact, that's the case with many of the products you'll use this summer. From bathing suits to frozen treats, summer meals, and more, whatever helps you stay cool and refreshed, the Fair Trade Certified™ seal on your products supports the farmers and workers behind those products.

How? Under fair trade standards, workers have the right to life-saving heat stress protections like clean, cool water, shade for rest breaks, and ventilated indoor work places. On top of that, workers earn additional money to invest in reforestation and community development projects like fans and air conditioning in their homes and workplaces. You can insist that farmers and workers have these provisions by purchasing products with the Fair Trade Certified™ seal. Shop below for products you can feel great about while you're enjoying them this summer.

Summer recipes

Fizzes, brain freezes, grill marks, and garden-fresh—we want it all! These recipes are all built around Fair Trade Certified ingredients and meant to be enjoyed with a healthy side of sunshine.