Honest Tea, Inc.

Part of the #FairTradeDifference since 2003


Since 2003, Honest Tea has contributed more than $1 million in Community Development Funds through Fair Trade.

Honest Tea believes in transparent relationships with their supplier communities and extending economic opportunities to communities in need. Since launching their first ready-to-drink bottled tea made with Fair Trade Certified™ tea leaves in 2003, Honest Tea has contributed more than $1 million in Community Development Funds. Those funds help enable farmers to invest in schools and hospitals, as well as farming equipment that can help increase economic self-sufficiency.

To learn more about the source of their Fair Trade sugar, co-founder and TeaEO Emeritus Seth Goldman traveled to Paraguay to meet farmers who grow organic and Fair Trade sugar cane. Watch the video here:


About Honest Tea

Honest Tea, Inc. seeks to create and promote great-tasting, organic beverages and extend economic opportunities to communities in need. Founded in 1998 in Bethesda, MD, Honest Tea is the nation's top-selling organic bottled tea company, specializing in beverages that are “Just a Tad Sweet®.”  Honest Tea’s product lines include ready-to-drink bottled teas, organic juice drinks, freshly brewed iced tea, Honest Summer Refreshers™, and Honest Fizz® zero calorie sodas. All drinks are USDA Organic, and all tea leaf varieties and cane sugar are Fair Trade Certified.  Honest Tea is a multi-year winner of awards from the Alliance for Workplace Excellence and a Montgomery County, MD Certified Green Business. In 2011, The Coca-Cola Company fully acquired Honest Tea, and there are passionate teams in both Bethesda, MD and Atlanta, GA--as well as across the country & around the world--working together to grow the brand. For more information, visit https://www.honesttea.com/, Facebook.com/HonestTea, and twitter.com/HonestTea

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