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Every garment has a story. When we wear it, that story becomes part of our own.



Every April, We Wear Fair Trade honors the anniversary of the fatal Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh and joins in the larger conversation around Fashion Revolution Week. This year, the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on garment workers worldwide creates even greater urgency for all of us to fiercely advocate for the people in our clothing supply chains. Below, seven female advocates speak out on ethical, transparent, and sustainable fashion to shed light on the lives impacted by our garment purchases and the impact that’s possible through Fair Trade Certified™ factory-made clothing.

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"Collaboration is at the heart of any movement toward change. With this year’s We Wear Fair Trade campaign, I aspired to capture and honor the power that comes when we gather our many experiences, skills, and points of view. Individually, these women work to inspire, organize, and educate their communities. Together, they alchemize to create the kind of transformative power that will influence an entire industry."

Rachael Wang, stylist and creative director for We Wear Fair Trade 2020

"What I loved about this photo shoot was being able to champion folks who have been fighting for sustainable practices and equal rights in their industries for years. When I am on set, I am usually the conductor of the orchestra; however, on this day, I got to be a student.”

Christelle de Castro, photographer for We Wear Fair Trade 2020

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Today, approximately 80 percent of garment workers are women, yet women are notoriously underrepresented in the garment industry. The inner workings of garment factories are rife with gender discrimination, exploitation, harassment, and unsafe working conditions. While the workers inside those factories make our clothes, they are too often stripped of their own dignity, safety, and rights.

Buying fair trade is a way to demand better for the people behind our clothes. It’s more important than ever that we know who’s behind our clothes and how our spending habits are affecting them, so that no one has to suffer as a result of how our garments are made, sourced, and purchased. Fair Trade USA® certifies factories across the globe for more than 45 brands to support the lives, dignity, and empowerment of garment workers, helping women advance in garment supply chains and making ethically-produced clothing accessible to the mainstream.


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Go "Behind the Seal"

In our interview with writer, environmental rights spokesperson, and decolonial educator Nikki Sanchez, she shares how she sees racial profiling, her own fight for social justice, and fair trade fashion as all interconnected

Support garment workers

The communities we serve are being hit hard by the global pandemic. You can help by donating to Fair Trade USA, which enables communities to shore up access to healthcare, sanitation, and financial assistance in times of crisis.

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