Consumer Insights

See why more than 1,250 companies have chosen fair trade certification to meet sustainability goals, increase brand value, and reach more shoppers.

Reports show consumers are prioritizing sustainability now more than ever.

% of general population who agrees with the following statements, knowing a company is mindful of its impact on the environment and society:


More likely to try their products or services


Less concerned with the price of the product


More likely to buy their products repeatedly


More likely to talk with friends and family about the company

Consumers trust the Fair Trade Certified™ seal over 'fairly traded' claims.

Not only do consumers trust the Fair Trade Certified seal over unverified 'fairly traded' claims; research shows more consumers recognize and are more likely to purchase brands that carry the Fair Trade Certified seal over many other third-party labels and certifications.


% of American shoppers who recognize the Fair Trade Certified seal. (That’s nearly doubled since 2008)


% of American shoppers who indicate they would trust a product more if it was certified by Fair Trade USA®

Millennials outpace all other generations in their desire for Fair Trade Certified products.

Millennial attitudes and behaviors toward socially responsible companies and Fair Trade Certified products:


Say Fair Trade Certified is important to purchase decision

1 in 3

Willing to pay 20% more for products that are Fair Trade Certified


Look for proof when a company makes a claim about being socially or environmentally responsible

SOURCE: Natural Marketing Institute, 2017, State of Sustainability in America.


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