Since 1998, Fair Trade USA™ has empowered producers, promoted sustainable livelihoods, enabled more transparent business operations, and improved supply chain practices. The purchase of products with the Fair Trade Certified™ seal has generated $846 million to farmers, workers, and fishers who have used those funds to directly improve their lives and communities.

For us, it’s been a journey of continuous innovation and refinement to prove that the fair trade model works. We’ve developed a Theory of Change that demonstrates how all stakeholders benefit from our process and how our goals become reality.

We can all contribute to a world that’s more sustainable, and this short video provides a terrific overview of how everyone fits in our Theory of Change.

Get a closer a look at how Fair Trade USA:

  • Develops standards, begins implementation, and tracks progress over time
  • Gives workers, farmers, and fishers a voice
  • Unlocks transparency and resilient supply chains for responsible business
  • Helps producers and their communities through Community Development Funds
  • Inspires consumers to become fair trade advocates

Watch our Theory of Change Video