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The Benefits of Fair Trade for Producers

Fair Trade isn’t just a way to do good, it’s a way to transform your farm, factory, or fishery to access new markets while motivating your workforce.

How Does Fair Trade Benefit the Producers?

Producers are the heart and soul of the Fair Trade movement. Rigorous standards are the way we fulfill our mission and create trading partnerships founded on transparency, fairness, and economic empowerment. In addition to our robust standards, our vast experience in multiple commodities, stepped approach to full compliance, and unparalleled in-field support services are some of the reasons our producer partners choose Fair Trade Certified. Hear what they have to say about Fair Trade Certification and how producers can benefit from Fair Trade.

Bringing Equity to the Supply Chain with Fair Trade Certification

Wholesum’s former Sustainability Manager, Olga Borquez, shares how Fair Trade Certified helps support the company’s sustainability goals by providing a framework that allows for more positive impact, and brings more equity to the supply chain.

How Does Fair Trade Affect Farmers & Producers?

Access new markets.

Our ability to demonstrate the value of investing in the people behind supply chains has resulted in more than 1,500 businesses partnering with us.

Sell at the best possible price.


Protect and motivate your workforce.

Our rigorous Fair Trade Certified standards ensure safe and healthy working conditions and protect labor rights and fair wages.

Invest in your community your way.

For every Fair Trade Certified product sold, the producer earns a premium on top of the Fair Trade price. This additional premium is then invested in self-directed community development projects that address your community’s own needs, such as water, education, housing, and health care.


Farmers, Factories, and Fisheries We Partner With

These are just a few of the Fair Trade producers that we work with. You can view a list of more partners here.


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Stories from Fair Trade Producers

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