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We partner with foundations, nonprofits, and industry leaders to innovate the fair trade model and address critical challenges facing farmers, fishers, and workers. Our philanthropic partnerships bring resources, expertise, and opportunities to co-invest in new technologies that ultimately help us expand into new industries and reach more communities. Interested in learning more?

Opportunities to Partner


People and Planet

Producer communities across the globe are increasingly being impacted by drought and disease because of climate change. Fair Trade USA operates at the nexus of people and the planet. The ability of the land to provide livelihoods for farmers and workers is directly linked to the long-term environmental impacts of farming practices. Responsible management and good production practices can reduce negative environmental impacts and improve the resiliency of the global production system. Fair Trade USA also supports farmers in adapting to climate change while preserving their land for future generations by using Community Development Funds for projects that benefit the environment.

Women’s Empowerment

Fair Trade USA recognizes gender equality and women’s empowerment as core to its model and as essential for sustainable change and impact. The organization is committed to continuous improvement in its approach to understanding the role of women in fair trade supply chains, to ensuring the model benefits and uplifts women, and to driving towards the vision of gender equality.

Our vision and goals cannot be achieved without addressing gender inequality and without empowering women to be agents of change for themselves, their families, and their communities. Learn more about our Gender Equity and Women’s Empowerment focus here.


Business and Technology Transformation

Fair Trade USA™ is on a mission to empower impoverished communities around the world, to improve livelihoods, safeguard the health and well-being of their people, and preserve and restore threatened local environments. We recognize that economic and environmental sustainability are inextricably linked, and that systemic change will require cross-sector collaboration and investment.

In 2022, Fair Trade USA is launching a bold new initiative: a multi-year technology transformation program aimed at building a more scalable and sustainable impact model. This initiative will leverage the latest advances in technology and data management to increase transparency and trust throughout the global supply chain, create and share better supply chain intelligence, and activate a thriving market ecosystem from producer to consumer.

Mission Support

Learn how you can support us in building an innovative model of responsible business, conscious consumerism, and shared value to eliminate poverty and enable sustainable development for farmers, workers, their families, and their communities around the world.


Other Ways to Partner

Looking for ways to engage with us? Here are additional opportunities to help connect your customers and employees to our work and mission while creating impact for the communities we support together.

Employee Engagement

Spread the word! How can we help communicate the impact of our partnership to your employees? Have Fair Trade USA join your next All Staff meeting, host a Lunch & Learn, Q&A, or info session. You can also share impact stories from the communities our partnership supports, and more!

Workplace Giving

Does your company have an employee giving match program? Click here to find out so you can increase your impact. Host an employee giving campaign to rally associates around our partnership. Let us know if you use a Workplace Giving platform like Your Cause or Benevity.

Cause Marketing

Host a Cause Marketing Campaign to educate customers, rally employees, and support communities. Examples include: social/online donation campaign, coupon, merchandise, or co-branded product promotion.

Impact Grant Funding

Make an impact in the communities you operate, manufacture, and do business in. Impact funding examples include: climate change, fair trade academy, women’s empowerment, and resiliency grants.

Institutional Partners

Collaboration makes the fair trade vision possible. We’re grateful to all of our partners who play a pivotal role in funding projects that drive our mission forward.

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