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We are investing in a strategic, impact-driven innovation plan to make Fair Trade accessible to all producers, workers, businesses, and consumers, and dramatically scale impact for farmers, fishers, and workers worldwide.
Fair Trade Certified offers companies a valuable tool for managing and accelerating ESG goals, and measuring sustainability achievements. Learn how leading companies are leveraging Fair Trade for ESG progress.
Fair Trade gifts support mothers everywhere by empowering women who uplift their families and communities every day. Use this guide to find a present that loves as much as she does!
Paul Rice, founder and CEO of Fair Trade USA, shares 2023 reflections and highlights from the Fair Trade movement. Read on to learn more!
Give with purpose this holiday season! When you choose Fair Trade holiday gifts, you’re making a conscious choice to support the well-being of farmers, fishers and workers around the world.
One billion dollars into this journey, we are ready to reach the next billion, and we aren’t waiting another 25 years to reach it. Fair Trade Month offered the perfect platform to share how we plan to do this and how you can help!
The cocoa industry is wrought with child labor, deforestation, and other issues detrimental to people and planet. The good news it that Fair Trade chocolate is different. It's ethically sourced and helps support cocoa farmers.
Celebrate International Coffee Day and Fair Trade Month by supporting the livelihoods of coffee farmers! Get started by checking out these Fair Trade Certified coffees.
The beauty of Fair Trade Certified flowers is undeniable! In honor of Mother’s Day, we talked to moms of Florecal, a rose farm and processing center, to hear how they have benefitted from Fair Trade.
For farmers, workers, and fishers to prosper and thrive, we need to recognize the interconnectedness between the planet and its people. The Fair Trade Certified program recognizes this connection in three key ways.
Safe working conditions are essential to bettering lives and enhancing sustainability. Learn how Fair Trade standards help meet the need for personal well-being, access to on-site safety equipment, clean drinking water, and proper sanitary conditions.
Research shows that Fair Trade Community Development Funds have helped improve the lives of families in the Ivory Coast by facilitating access to schooling for children, among other benefits.
We are committed to ensuring farmers and workers get a fair price for their goods and a fair wage for their labor. Learn how Fair Trade Certification helps to increase income in 5 ways.
Our theory of change explains how Fair Trade USA™ programs work together to impact the livelihoods of farmers, workers, and fishers over time. Watch a video to learn more about our theory of change!
We love our local farmers market because it makes us feel more connected to the source of our food. In the same way, fair trade is like a global farmers market. You can meet the people behind your produce!
It has been five months since Fair Trade USA officially launched its fair trade certification program for the U.S. dairy industry and the response and initial results have been resoundingly positive.
Fair Trade USA founder and CEO, Paul Rice, shares: "Together, we can and must expand the transformative impact of our movement to millions more farmers, workers, companies, and consumers around the world."
Fair trade clothing is for everyone! This guide outlines brands and retailers that offer Fair Trade Certified™ factory-made styles from jeans to sweats to dresses and more.
Ten years ago, we started working with fashion brands to promote responsible apparel sourcing that supports the well-being of factory workers. Now, our Factory Program includes not just clothes but also home goods.
The Fair Trade Certified label on your coconut products ensures that your purchase helps replenish the world's dwindling coconut supply and supports farmers, their families, and their communities.
Outfit and decorate your home with beautiful fair trade, ethical home goods. These brands offer an amazing selection of pieces to transform your unique spaces in a way that looks and feels great.
Coffee farmers are facing a crisis. "It is hard to believe that the price of coffee barely reaches $1 per pound. Producers are worried, disappointed and frustrated, because with this price, their hopes die."
Looking for the perfect Fair Trade coffee to start your day off right? Check out this list of Fair Trade coffees so you can shop your values and support the farming communities that grew your beans.
Many roses in the U.S. are sourced from from Ecuador and Colombia. Ensure that your long-stemmed symbols of love positively impact the lives of farm workers by looking for bouquets bearing our label.
Explore a few different ways that communities across the world are using Fair Trade Community Development Funds to invest in education and learning opportunities for themselves and future generations.
Fair Trade USA has completed nearly 200 interviews with producers around the world to better understand the overarching impact of COVID-19 and where help is needed most. Here's what we learned.
How is it that an industry upheld by women also leaves women powerless? Fashion, especially fast fashion, is an urgent and crucial women’s issue that we must address. Here's what we can do.
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” – Martin Luther King Jr.
These are stories about motherhood in covid. This Q&A shares words from women in the fair trade movement around the world that are sometimes funny, heartbreaking, empowering, and everything inbetween.
Farming families are preparing to send their kids back to school, but the costs can be real challenge. Luckily, your fair trade purchases can make going back to school a little easier for these families.
Fair trade certification has been a lifeline to many coffee farmers when the market fails them, and it’s more important than ever. Here are five common myths about fair trade coffee.