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The Impact
of Fair Trade

Today, Fair Trade Certified products originating in more than 50 countries are being sold in the United States and beyond. Those purchases unlock transformative social, environmental, and economic impact for communities that need it the most, which in turn creates more resilient supply chains.

How We Create Change

Everyone deserves to experience the benefits of fair trade and prosper in a sustainable community. Our impact model protects human rights, enables sustainable livelihoods for farmers, fishers, and workers, and creates more resiliency – in both communities, as well as supply chains. More than $1 billion in financial benefit has been delivered to producer communities to date.

Learn more about our Theory of Change which frames a model for how our programs work together to create impact, or dive deeper by learning about our Impact Management System.

Strengthen Communities

Community investment is a pillar of fair trade impact. Through the Community Development Fund, farmers, workers, and fishers democratically determine their biggest areas of need and what to invest in. Many of the benefits of fair trade are a result of this. Gender equity requirements create leadership opportunities that would otherwise not exist. Investments are consistently made in areas that both positively impact the community (like access to healthcare and education) as well as productivity (including quality and production improvements).

Community Development

Protect Workers

Our rigorous standards and certification model ensure that farmers, workers, and fishers are educated on their rights and engaged, especially on workplace safety and protection. We protect human rights and grant access to safe environments, additional capital and resources, and education along the Fair Trade Certified journey.

  • 1.6 million Fair Trade Certified Producers: across 50+ countries
  • 120+ Social, economic, and environmental protections

Producer Benefits

Change Industries

We help change industries and empower communities by setting a high bar on responsible business practices and developing ethical and transparent supply chains – all in compliance with ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice.

  • 1,500+ business partners
  • 1,500+ new products launched in 2021

What We Certify

Engage Consumers

One of the advantages of fair trade is that we help engage consumers by celebrating brands that sell Fair Trade Certified products, and by educating shoppers about why and how to reward ethical sourcing.

  • 65% consumer awareness
  • Thousands of products on the market

Our Community

What is the Impact of Fair Trade?

We measure progress in the tangible difference we’re making in the lives of millions of workers, companies, and consumers across the world.

1.6 M

Farmers & Workers

Fair Trade Certified supports 1.6 million farmers, fishers, and workers in 50+ countries.

$1 B

Financial Benefit to Producers

Farmers, workers, and fishers have earned a total financial benefit of more than $1 billion in Community Development Funds.

120 +

Social, Economic, Environmental Protections

Fair Trade Certified products are produced according to rigorous standards that protect the well-being of farmers, fishers, and workers.

1,500 +

Responsible Businesses

The fair trade market is growing because of businesses’ dedication to Fair Trade USA standards.

12,500 +

Products carry the Fair Trade Certified seal

By putting our seal on goods made responsibly, fairly, and sustainably, we make it easier for people to choose products that align with their values.


U.S. General Population Consumer Recognition

Consumers increasingly know and trust Fair Trade Certified; we are the most widely recognized fair trade seal in the U.S.

Learn about how we use our Impact Management System to measure and determine the impact of fair trade.

Where We Work

Another advantage for fair trade partners is that we unlock transformative social, environmental and economic impact in more than 50 countries.

Who We Partner With

Collaboration makes our work possible. By enrolling brands, manufacturers, traders, and retailers, we are able to connect producers to businesses, as well as to consumers. We also partner with a diverse network of philanthropic supporters to innovate the fair trade model and accelerate our positive fair trade impact.

The Better Fish
Tony’s Coffee
National Coop Grocers
Thrive Market
David & Lucile Packard Foundation
Kroger Foundation
Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation
Pilot House Philanthropy

Join Our Community

Join our dedicated community of conscious consumers, and stay informed on the latest news and updates, learn about your impact, upcoming events and more!

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Commitment to Equity

A woman named Basingwa Maria from Dukunde Kawa, a Fair Trade Certified Coffee Cooperative
Central to the Fair Trade model is addressing issues of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Read about our commitment to equity.

View Equity Statement

Theory of Change

Learn how our Fair Trade USA programs work together to create impact over time.

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How We Work

We are committed to making our programs attainable through a stepped approach and continuous improvement. Learn more!

How We Work