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Fair Trade Standards and Requirements

Rigorous fair trade standards are the way we help brands meet their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals, and fulfill our mission to deliver benefits to producers, businesses, and consumers. We have different standards to address the various parts of businesses’ supply chains. If you have comments about Fair Trade Certified requirements, standards, or policy, or for a hard copy, email our Standards team. To learn more about our ongoing Fair Trade Certified standards and requirements work including development, revisions, and ISEAL compliance, view our Standards Development and Revision page.

Price & Premiums


The Fair Trade Price and Premium Search tool includes a comprehensive list of Fair Trade Minimum Prices and Premiums for all products we currently certify. The new filter and search functionality will help you find relevant rates for your products and region.

Standards Library

Standard Revision Resources

Standards Development and Revisions

In accordance with ISEAL, Fair Trade USA standards and requirements are reviewed at least every five years. Read revision announcements here.

Revised Capture Fisheries Standard (CFS)

Our revised Capture Fisheries Standard 2.0.0 applies to all wild caught fisheries globally.

Factory Production Standard (FPS) Revisions

The Factory Production Standard 2.0.0 went into effect in 2023.

Agricultural Production Standard (APS) Revision

Fair Trade USA is beginning a major revision to our APS. This page will continue to be updated with information on the revision process, including how you can participate.

Agricultural Production Standard (APS) Dairy Amendment

We piloted the application of the APS in the U.S. dairy sector. Access background documents, like the Dairy Project Plan, FAQ, and more.