Fair trade fashion is for everyone. Find brands and retailers that offer Fair Trade Certified™ factory-made styles.

Your clothing should express who you are: your unique personality, your style, your values. We wear fair trade to know confidently we’re making the kind of fashion statements and impact we want to make.

It’s more important than ever that we know who’s behind our clothes and how our spending habits are affecting them. By wearing Fair Trade Certified factory-made clothing from brands in this guide and others, we’re helping create sustainable livelihoods, safer working conditions, and desperately-needed transparency in the fashion industry. The additional money that factory employees earn with every sale is used to fund important community development projects. These are just a few of the brands selling fair trade styles!

“Working here has made me appreciate how products at other factories often go through the same amount of care and work. Each consumer has a unique experience and through supporting us with their fair trade purchases, it’s a great and unique connection.”

M. Mageswari, Fair Trade Committee Leader at Connoisseur Fashions

Karen Walker

Linen Shorts


Llamascape Trucker Hat

Known Supply

Be Human Kind Pullover

“The Fair Trade Premium is a very important benefit. It motivates us all to continue working hard and also to value what we have. This is hard work, don’t think it’s not. We truly apply the highest standards possible.”

Claire Aguilar, Sewing Department Instructor at Vertical Knits


Essential Vintage Snap Down


Teal Stripe Pajamas


Momento Crop Top

“When we started the Fair Trade Certified program a few years ago none of our employees had heard of it. There was some confusion at first, but after starting activities, everyone gained confidence – and satisfaction! – in the process. It’s a wonderful way for the worker community to feel engaged and connected to the consumer.”

K. Murugan, Production Manager at Connoisseur Fashions


Capilene® Cool Daily Hoody


Adventure Shorts