Celebrate International Coffee Day and Fair Trade Month by supporting the livelihoods of coffee farmers.

It seems like there is a day dedicated to just about everything – from donuts and bubblegum to the tooth fairy and polar bears. But one day that most of us can get behind is International Coffee Day on October 1, 2022. The International Coffee Organization (ICO) declared this an occasion to celebrate “the coffee sector’s diversity, quality and passion.”

If you love coffee, you’re in good company. 66% of Americans are reported to drink coffee each day, more than any other beverage including tap water. We’ve found a myriad of ways to prepare, consume, and incorporate this delicious plant into our daily rituals and routines, but it’s easy to forget that there are farmers whose livelihoods depend on this crop.

International Coffee Day and all of Fair Trade Month (October), is a perfect opportunity to think about the workers who make your favorite drink possible and to reflect on your consumer purchasing power. Did you know that you can make your dollars do more, simply by choosing Fair Trade Certified™ coffees?

We’re committed to ensuring farmers and workers get a fair price for their goods and a fair wage for their labor, and we guarantee a minimum price for coffee beans to help protect them from market changes. On top of that, for every purchase of Fair Trade Certified coffee, additional money is returned to the producers in the form of Community Development Funds that support projects to meet the communities’ greatest need.

In 2021 alone, sales of Fair Trade Certified coffees generated over $27 million in financial benefit to producers. Since 1998, across all fair trade products, we’ve delivered 1 billion in cumulative financial benefits to farmers, workers, and fishers across the globe and counting!

Will you be part of helping us generate the next $1 billion? Get started by checking out some of our favorite coffees in this guide, and always keep an eye out for products that feature the Fair Trade Certified label.


O Organics_Sun-Kissed Blonde Roast_Fair Trade Certified

Albertsons O Organics

Sun Kissed Blonde Roast

Barrie House_Espresso Roast_Fair Trade Certified

Barrie House

Espresso Roast – Whole Bean

Bean&Bean_Downtown Blend_Fair Trade Certified

Bean & Bean

Downtown Blend

Blk & Bold_Rise and Grnd Roast_Fair Trade Certified

Blk & Bold

Rise & GRND

Gold Emblem_Colombian Medium Roast_Fair Trade Certified

CVS Gold Emblem

Colombian Premium Ground Coffee

Equator_Guatamala Concepcion Huista_Fair Trade Certified

Equator Coffees

Guatemala Concepción Huista

Cafe Ole Organics_Breakfast Blend_Fair Trade Certified

H-E-B's Cafe Ole

Breakfast Blend Single Serve Coffee Cups

Kroger Private Selection_Caramel Truffle_Fair Trade Certified

Kroger's Private Selection

Caramel Truffle Medium Roast

Kroger Simple Truth Organic_Nitro Cold Brew Oat Milk_Fair Trade Certified

Kroger's Simple Truth Organic

Nitro Oat Milk Mocha Cold Brew Coffee

Member's Mark_Donut Shop Coffee Cups_Fair Trade Certified

Member's Mark

Donut Shop Single-Serve Cups

Pure Origin_Organic Peru Coffee_Fair Trade Certified

Pure Origin

Organic Peru

Thrive Market_Organic Instant Coffee_Fair Trade Certified

Thrive Market

Organic Instant Coffee

Wicked Joe_Organic Sumatra Coffee_Fair Trade Certified

Wicked Joe