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We’re cultivating a global model to alleviate poverty, improve the lives of farmers, workers, and fishermen, and protect the planet. By donating to Fair Trade USA®, you invest in a stronger, more equitable market system and a better future for all.

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1 in 10 people in the world live on less than $1.90 a day.

By donating to Fair Trade USA, you invest in a long-lasting solution that enables entire communities to lift themselves out of poverty.

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Every dollar we spend creates $4 of impact to producers. That’s because our model doesn’t just drive additional money to producers—it also drives more stable incomes in the first place. Your donation enables us to reach more farming, working, and fishing communities all over the world and directly supports:

  • Strengthening communities worldwide
  • Enrolling more businesses in fair trade
  • Ensuring fair trade standards are working to everyone’s advantage
  • Training farmers and workers
  • Measuring long-term effects of the fair trade model

"Thanks to fair trade we are able to sell our cacao at fair and stable prices. Before we were organized (into Fortaleza del Valle), many of us did not know how to take true advantage of our plants' capacities and would ruin them with pesticides and fungicides."

Mariana del Jesus Mendoza, cacao grower at Fortaleza del Valle in Ecuador

"The fair trade workshops on gender issues have educated everyone, and life at home has improved. Before, we women were ashamed to speak up, to ask, to give our opinions. Now, we know our rights, and men have become aware of how much we contribute to the economy. We are very proud of our product and we pour our hearts into it.”

Maria Sabina Hernandez Cueva, mother, president of Cafe Femenino, a select brand of coffee made only by women in Peru

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We aim to create true sustainability for all by revolutionizing the way goods are made, sold, and purchased. Learn more about our impact and help us deliver on that goal by donating.

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