We Are Fair Trade Family

This holiday season, give thanks to the people who produce your food, furniture, and clothing. Donate today so they can continue to protect their families and build better lives now and beyond the pandemic.
Together, we are stronger. Together, we are Fair Trade Family.

Farmers and workers around the world have been hit hard by the economic fallout of the pandemic. Thanks to their resiliency and your generosity, hardworking fair trade families around the globe have access to the benefits of fair trade to get through this challenging time.

Support Fair Trade Families

Improving Lives

"Fair Trade has helped afford us the opportunity to completely renovate our coffee washing equipment. We have three hactares dedicated to coffee, plantain, and yucca. We were able to make housing improvements thanks to the community Development Funds. We renovated the kitchen, including all new tile and a brand new wood fire stove." - Sandra Milena Mora, a coffee farmer and mother in Colombia

Access to Education

In Sidama, Ethiopia, coffee farmers used their Community Development Funds to construct a new school and purchase school supplies for the local community.

"I always used to wonder where my money goes after I sell my coffee beans. But when my children completed school and started earning income from their jobs, I realized that I invested my wealth in them. This is my biggest pride." - Maruma, mother and coffee farmer.

Better Health and Wellness

At Wholesum Harvest in Mexico, farmworkers and their families are encouraged to seek check-ups at the on-site clinic supported by Fair Trade Community Development Funds.

Working together to build stronger, safer, more sustainable communities.

Donate Today

Join us in shaping the future and make Fair Trade USA a part of your lasting legacy. To make a stock or planned gift contact Kristin Salmon at development@fairtradeusa.org to learn more.