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More than 3 billion people — half of the world’s population — live on less than $2.50 a day.

Fair Trade USA® helps producers access better wages, safe working conditions, and environmental protections. Your donation gives the people who produce your food, furniture, and clothing the capacity to invest in a better future.

Whether a year end gift, or invaluable monthly donations, we create $5 of impact for every $1 we receive to enable sustainable livelihoods for farmers, fishers, workers and their communities.

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Thousands of Fair Trade Certified™ products are sourced from over 45 countries worldwide.

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Empowering women

“It is through our fair trade flowers that hundreds of families like mine continuously improve our lives,” says Elvia Almachi, a flower farmer in Ecuador. Elvia and her husband, Luis Alberto, participate in the weekend adult school program funded by Fair Trade Community Development Funds. They are both currently studying to get their high school diplomas.

Strengthening families and communities

"With the income I managed to get from selling coffee, I built a new house for my family and started saving both privately and with the other cooperative members," says Mulugeta Hirbaye, a coffee farmer in Ethiopia and a father of six. He joined the Banko Gotiti cooperative five years ago and produces nearly 3,000 pounds of coffee each year.

Protecting the environment

"The challenges of being a small-scale fisherman are that the authorities favor the industrial fishermen," says Eduardo Valenzuela Ibarra, who has been fishing shrimp for 30 years in Baja California. "It seems that most the regulations benefit them more than us. We should be allowed to start fishing weeks before them. This would also minimize damage to the environment and prevent over-fishing. The Community Development Funds are what attracted us most to fair trade because we are excited about the chance to improve our fishery."

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