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Revised Capture Fisheries Standard

Fair Trade USA™ is pleased to announce the launch of the revised Capture Fisheries Standard 2.0.0 (CFS 2.0.0) that applies to all wild caught fisheries globally. The CFS 2.0.0 will go into effect January 2022, and existing producers will have a one-year transition period to begin complying with new requirements. Please see the Transition Policy below for details. We thank everyone who provided feedback to improve and strengthen the Standard.

Approval of the Capture Fisheries Standard 2.0.0

For almost two years the Fair Trade USA team worked closely with a diverse range of stakeholders to develop the Capture Fisheries Standard 2.0.0. The revised CFS 2.0.0 is clear, impact-oriented, and meets the ever-evolving needs and expectations of producers, companies, NGOs, and consumers we serve.

Fair Trade USA would like to thank all of the thought partners and organizations who provided feedback and guidance through the revision process, including a wide array of stakeholders, from existing Certificate Holders to traders, NGOs, and academics. The final Capture Fisheries Standard reflects the voices of all the stakeholders from a broad range of geographies, who provided feedback through the revision process.

To download the reviewed Capture Fisheries Standard 2.0.0 and associated policies and guidance documents, please visit Fair Trade USA’s Standards page. Background documents, including the Transition Policy, FAQs, and summaries of feedback and responses from Fair Trade USA, are available below.


The Capture Fisheries Standard was originally published in 2014, underwent a minor revision in 2017, and the Standards team at Fair Trade USA initiated a major revision at the end of 2019. The goal of the revision was to ensure the CFS was fit for purpose, responded to the needs and realities of the fishers and workers we serve globally, and continued to drive positive impact.

As part of the latest revision, the Draft Capture Fisheries Standard was available for public comment between October and December 2020. The Draft was developed based on the 5-years of implementation of the Standard, review of learnings from the field, and interviews with a selection of partners, producers, and experts from across different supply chains. The new Capture Fisheries Standard 2.0.0 improves upon the original requirements to bring more benefit to producers in the fair trade system and increase value and efficiency for all supply chain partners.

Transition Resources

Transition Policy

Outlines the policy for transition from our existing Capture Fisheries Standard 1.1.0 with detail specific to Certificate Holders.

Background Resources

CFS Project Plan

Includes information about our process, project activities, timeline, and objectives.

Draft CFS 2.0.0

The draft of the revised CFS. It includes all the changes made to the standard, a summary of changes made on each Compliance Criterion, and consultation questions for your consideration.

Draft Requirements for Certificate Scope under the CFS

Policy which defines the entities and activities which must be included in the scope of the Certificate, and thus the audit, under the CFS.

CFS Major Revision FAQ

Frequently asked questions for the major revision of the CFS.

Summary of Feedback and Response to the Draft CFS 2.0.0

Includes a summary of the key themes from the feedback we received during the Public Consultation on the Draft Capture Fisheries Standard as well as Fair Trade USA’s response to suggestions made.

Summary of Changes to the CFS 2.0.0

Provides a list of requirements in the CFS 2.0.0 with a description of the changes made from the previous standard.