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Fair Trade Price and Premium Search

Find information about Fair Trade Minimum Prices & Premiums for products certified under our Standards, along with key announcements below.

Factory Premiums

Any new Factory applicant completing their initial audit on or after May 15th, 2024 will have a set Premium rate of 1% of FOB sales. This is a minimum Premium rate, and industry partners may – and are encouraged to – set higher Premium rates to further maximize impact and investment.

For all existing Factory Certificate Holders that completed their initial audit prior to May 15th, 2024, the Premium rate communicated by the Fair Trade USA Standards team will remain effective and is not subject to changes until further notice.

Questions? Please reach out to your Fair Trade USA account manager.

Agriculture and Seafood Price & Premiums

This search tool provides a complete list of Fair Trade Minimum Prices and Premiums for all products we currently certify against our Agricultural Production Standard (APS) and Capture Fisheries Standard (CFS). Products with special price terms are further explained in a separate document, Special Price and Premium Terms.

We are aware of the recent announcement of a change in the minimum price for fair trade coffee. You can learn about our Coffee Innovation and pricing here.

Price & Premium Announcements

Fair Trade Minimum Price Adjustment Value in Côte d’Ivoire — April 2024

Fair Trade Produce Premium Announcement — November 2023

Fair Trade Minimum Price Adjustment Value in Côte d’Ivoire — October 2023

Premium Announcement: Revised Premium for Five Species of Wild-Caught Pacific Salmon — August 2021