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We love our local farmers market because it makes us feel more connected to the source of our food. In the same way, fair trade is like a global farmers market. You can meet the people behind your produce, learn more about their lives, and understand the impact of Fair Trade Certified™ produce in this guide. Select an item to shop for it online, or select “Behind the Seal” to learn more about the community behind it.

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Where to find fair trade produce

You can find the Fair Trade Certified seal on fruits, vegetables, and flowers nationwide at these stores:

Why fair trade farms?

Last year, people who grow our food put their health and safety at risk to work through the COVID-19 pandemic and West Coast wildfires. Even though they are essential workers, they often don’t have personal protective equipment, health care, or paid sick leave. And because farmworkers often work, travel, and live in close quarters, they are at a much greater risk. Purdue University estimates that more than 380,000 agricultural workers have contracted COVID-19 in the US. A study by the University of California, Berkeley found a 13% infection rate in a sample of farmworkers in California's Salinas Valley during last year's summer harvest season. By the end of October, roughly 1 in 5 of farmworkers involved in the same study tested positive for antibodies. Compare that to California as a whole, where the infection rate during the same period was much lower, at 5% of the population. As close to home as these difficult findings are, the need for safer workplaces and the economic struggles felt this past year have been global.

Fair trade standards: 

  • reduce workplace risks, 

  • support fundamental rights at work, 

  • improve working conditions and wages, and

  • improve access to healthcare and safety training.


Producers who work with us also earn Fair Trade Community Development Funds. For every Fair Trade Certified product sold, these extra funds go back to farmers and workers, who decide how to put them towards community improvement projects. In 2020, many used them for COVID-19 relief. To date, Fair Trade Certified produce and flowers have generated more than $65 million in Community Development Funds.   

Farmworkers will continue to be among the most affected by the ongoing health, social, and economic challenges brought on by the pandemic. Fair Trade USA partners with 900,000 farmers and workers across 45 countries. Supporting fair trade is supporting them. 

Partner with Fair Trade USA

Fair trade isn't only the right thing to do. It's also good for business. Healthier, engaged workers can lead to stronger supply chains and higher quality products. Fair trade certification gives retailers, traders, and consumers assurance that their products come from farms with high social and environmental standards. By sourcing Fair Trade Certified products, businesses make it easier for people to find and buy products that align with their values.

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