Guide to Shopping Fair Trade Coconut

In the Philippines, coconut is called the “tree of life.” Extend the benefits of coconut to everyone by seeking the Fair Trade Certified™ seal.

We hear a lot about benefits of coconut for our bodies, meals, and households, but not so much about how it’s affecting the rest of the world. By seeking Fair Trade Certified coconut, you can make sure that coconut farmers are benefiting from your purchase too.

In the Philippines, one of the world's top three coconut producing countries, coconut is called the “tree of life.” Essentially every bit of the coconut tree can be used in some form or fashion from root to fruit, giving it the potential not only to be a zero-waste plant but also one of the world’s most sustainable and versatile crops. The Fair Trade Certified seal on your coconut products ensures that your purchase helps replenish the world’s dwindling coconut supply, offers family farmers protection against the shady side of the coconut business, and keeps younger generations on the farm. Since 2013, Fair Trade coconut farmers and workers have earned $2.3 million for tree replanting and nursery creation, disaster relief programs, crop diversification, and other desperately-needed community development projects through purchase of Fair Trade Certified coconut products.

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