The Fair Trade Holiday Gift Guide

Shop with a purpose this holiday season.

The holidays are time to be in harmony with the world around us. They’re also the perfect time to slow down and consider the people behind our gifts and groceries.

When you give a fair trade gift this holiday season, you’re actually giving twice—once to the loved one you’re shopping for, and also to the producers behind it. Fair trade gives farmers and workers around the world dignity, hope, and capacity to overcome struggles like poverty and climate change that stand in the way of them earning a living, putting meals on the table, and ensuring a brighter future for their children. From table settings and decor to gifts big and small, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to change someone’s life through the smallest act this holiday season.

While you're thinking about what to put on the table, head on over to our Holiday Recipe Guide, which has dozens of recipes for mains, sides, drinks, desserts, and more, all centered around Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients.

Ready to shop? Click an item below and peruse our other shopping guides for more great ideas. Our friends have also curated some fabulous guides of their favorite fair trade products for your perusing pleasure, so try their style on for size. Who are you shopping for? A holiday hostess? A mindful living advocate? An ethical fashion lover? Maybe a new mom. There are thousands of Fair Trade Certified products not on this list!

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For the Little Ones & Expecting Parents

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Gifts Under $25

Extend the holiday spirit to the people behind your holiday meals by using Fair Trade Certified ingredients.