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The Pledge

Today, I’m making the most important decision of all: the decision to care. 

Knowing that every shopping trip is an opportunity to make an immediate and lasting difference in the world, I pledge to make my impact a positive one by choosing Fair Trade Certified products whenever possible. I know that my decision to shop Fair Trade is a vital part of a collective movement, building a world in which people can do their jobs with dignity, send their children to school, and put food on the table. A world in which people get a fair deal for their hard work, have access to basic human rights, and are able to keep our environment clean and healthy. By choosing to shop Fair Trade products, I pledge to help make that world a reality. Individually, I can make a choice. Together, we can make a difference.

I am part of the Fair Trade Difference.

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The most important choice you can make is to care. By knowing what to look for, you can start making purchases that make a difference.

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The next time you’re in the supermarket or shopping online, look for the Fair Trade Certified label on your product packaging. Better yet, use our product finder to explore the world of options.

Make a difference

Every time you buy something that's Fair Trade Certified™, you're putting money back into the hands that provided it and giving those farmers, workers, and fishermen a voice in their futures.

What's the Fair Trade Difference?

Fair Trade Certified works unlike any other ethical label by enabling direct economic benefit for farmers, workers, and fishermen. It’s simple: each time you buy something that's Fair Trade Certified, you help drive additional money—called Community Development Funds—back to the people who worked hard to make that product according to rigorous Fair Trade standards. This unique piece of our model is designed to close the gap between you and the people behind your products—to empower us all to make a shared investment in the communities that provide for us, reverse the damaging effects of poverty and injustice, and turn every shopping trip into an opportunity to make an immediate and lasting difference in the world.

That’s the Fair Trade Difference.

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Our Partners

The Fair Trade Difference is an ongoing, collective story, being carried on every single day by people who have made a commitment to ethical sourcing, and specifically, to the people whose lives are impacted by our purchase decisions. That story includes voices of more than 1,200 responsible companies making that commitment by sourcing Fair Trade Certified products. Because their hard work and belief in the Fair Trade mission, we’re all able to continue telling our story. Here, several of those companies share their unique perspectives.




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