We're guided by a team of leaders who are united under our mission to alleviate global poverty and promote sustainable development. Combined with the collective wisdom and constructive feedback of our Board of Directors and Advisory Council, these individuals enable us to deliver more impact to more communities around the world.

Senior Management

  • Paul Rice

    President & CEO

  • Jennifer Chapman

    Head of People

  • Ken Redding

    Chief Commercial Officer

  • Steve Sellers

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Katherine Bostick

    Vice President, Standards and Impact

  • Clay Brown

    Chief of Standards, Certification and Impact Assessment

  • Ben Corey-Moran

    Vice President, Coffee

  • Liz Forwand

    Director, Business Process

  • Ruskin Hartley

    Vice President, Resource Development

  • Julie Kuchepatov

    Director, Seafood

  • Billy Linstead Goldsmith

    Director, Fair Trade Campaigns

  • Nathalie Marin-Gest

    Director, Produce and Floral

  • Carlos Ruiz

    Vice President, Finance

  • Maya Spaull

    Vice President, Apparel & Home Goods

  • Bennett Wetch

    Vice President, Technology Innovation

  • Catherine Williams

    Director, Certification