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See why more than 1,200 companies have chosen Fair Trade certification to meet sustainability goals, increase brand value, and reach more shoppers.

Reports show consumers are prioritizing sustainability now more than ever.*


60% of shoppers say they’re more likely to try products from companies that keep sustainability as a focus. That’s up nearly 10% since 2009. In the same study, 58% of those shoppers said they were more likely to buy from those companies repeatedly.*

1 in 3

1 in 3 consumers say they’re less concerned with price if the company is mindful of its impact on the environment and society.*

Consumers highly value what Fair Trade certification delivers.*

% of consumers indicating it would be very important towards their purchase decision if a certification or seal on products guaranteed a product had the following qualities:


Empowers farmers and workers in global communities


Supports local economies around the world


Protects environmental ecosystems around the world


Provides safe, healthy working conditions for global workers

Consumers feel that Fair Trade certification aligns with their personal values.*

Research shows consumers think more highly, and are more likely to purchase, brands that carry the Fair Trade Certified seal.


% of American shoppers who recognize the Fair Trade Certified seal. (That’s nearly doubled since 2008.)*

1 in 3

Consumers say they would be more likely to buy a product with the Fair Trade certification.*

Fair Trade certification gives consumers a way to shop their values.†

% of US consumers that identify with the following statements:


‘I have a more positive image when a company supports a social or environmental issue.’


‘I would like to see more of the products, services, or retailers I use support worthy social and/or environmental issues.’


‘I would likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause.’

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* Natural Marketing Institute, 2017, State of Sustainability in America
† Natural Marketing Institute, 2015
** Blue State Digital, 2016

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