U.S. Consumer Insights: The Rise of Conscious Consumerism

See why more than 1,400 companies have chosen fair trade certification to meet sustainability goals, increase brand trust, and reach more shoppers.

Reports show consumers are prioritizing sustainability now more than ever.

The pandemic has changed the world, altered shopping behaviors, and shifted priorities. The sustainable shopping sector continues to be on the rise as consumers are more ethically and environmentally conscious, driven heavily by Gen Z and Millennials.


Of consumers want more sustainable and equitable products in the post-pandemic market


Of consumers indicate that traceability of products is important to them. Of those who say this trait is very
important, 71% would pay a premium for it.

4 in 5

Consumers say they consider sustainability when choosing between brands

U.S. Consumers increasingly know and trust Fair Trade Certified™

Consumers say verified statements of a brand’s impact builds trust. Fair Trade USA’s rigorously maintained standards set the global benchmark for sustainable sourcing, strengthens brand trust, and builds consumer loyalty. We are the most widely recognized fair trade seal in the United States.


Of consumers recognize the Fair Trade Certified seal.


Of consumers put their trust in the Fair Trade Certified seal

1 in 3

Consumers are more likely to buy a product that carries the Fair Trade Certified seal

Younger Generations Are Leading the Change

In the absence of political intervention, younger generations are stepping up and taking the lead. They care about the state of the planet and the people behind the products that they buy. It shows in the brands they support and the goods they purchase. With the rise of conscious consumerism, Millennials and Gen Z are showing that global systems change might be possible.


Of Millennials recognize the Fair Trade Certified seal


Of Millennials indicated increased trustworthiness of the Fair Trade Certified seal and the impact it has on their purchase decision


Of Millennials indicated they’ll pay a premium for Fair Trade Certified products

Download Our 2021 Consumer Insights Report

Our 2021 Consumer Insights Report provides a sample look at some of the data Fair Trade USA™ uses to measure its effectiveness in the marketplace, as well as its progress in reaching consumers who wish to make positive social and environmental impacts with the goods they purchase. Download the full report today!

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