Fair Trade Certification
for Brands and Retailers

Manufacturing, buying and selling Fair Trade Certified goods

The Fair Trade Certified™ seal on a product signifies that it was made according to rigorous fair trade standards that promote sustainable livelihoods, safe working conditions, protection of the environment, and strong, transparent supply chains.

When businesses choose to supply Fair Trade Certified products, ranging from apparel, home goods, cocoa, coffee, produce, dairy, and seafood, they show their customers that they support positive change for the people who produce their goods.

Welcome to a more responsible, sustainable way of doing business. Here’s how becoming certified can help you and your community:

Solidify your supply chain resiliency
Strengthen your brand
Build consumer loyalty
Accelerate your ESG goals

Fair Trade Certification Overview


1. Get in touch with our team

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2. Create your Certification Plan

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3. Execute your Program Rollout

We’ll work with your team to formally begin the audit process.

How We Work

From certification to consumer purchase and reinvestment, our model is a virtuous cycle that ultimately improves the lives of workers, farmers, fishers, and their communities.


Consumer Insights

Shoppers are increasingly prioritizing sustainability and shopping their values. Read the latest U.S. Consumer Insights to learn more.

Partner Resources

Read our latest whitepapers and reports, and access other fair trade resources.

Partner Directory

Browse a list of fair trade producers from around the world.


Rigorous standards are the way we fulfill our mission; download our standards and supporting documentation.

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