Behind the Seal

Follow the latest news, announcements, and real-life stories about the fair trade vision unfolding as a way of life.

  • Hannah Thiessen

    Revolutionize your wardrobe with Fair Trade

    We’ve asked a few of our favorite bloggers, yogis, and Instagram personalities to model their favorite Fair Trade Certified apparel. Together, these photos highlight the range of Fair Trade options available. Whether you choose a strappy swimsuit or flirty frock, you’ll be making a powerful fashion statement, one whose impact stretches all the way across the globe.

  • coffee farmer

    Working to make coffee the world's first sustainable agricultural commodity

    Recently a new ally, the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, has emerged to help build a shared space for organizations to come together, share lessons and build a vision for coffee to become the world’s first sustainable agricultural commodity.

  • Joana Quitiaquez

    The Life-changing Power of Fair Trade Roses

    Building a home has been a lifelong dream of Joana’s, and the Fair Trade premium has helped her get that much closer. For Joana, roses are so much more than a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift; they are hope for a better tomorrow.