Behind the Seal

Follow the latest news, announcements, and real-life stories about the fair trade vision unfolding as a way of life.

  • Kelly Slater wears fair trade

    Why We Wear Fair Trade

    This Fashion Revolution Day, a photo series highlights the movers and shakers of the fashion industry—the thought leaders, CEOs, designers, and athletes—who are working hard to do things differently.

  • woman studying

    How Fair Trade Farms are Investing in Education

    From creating scholarship programs for kids to hosting night classes for adults to complete their GED's, education is a top priority in communities around the world. Discover why these six farms chose to invest their Fair Trade Community Development Fund in education and learn about the different people whose lives are changing for the better because of that investment.

  • woman producer with bananas

    Fair Trade bananas, improving lives in Urabá, Colombia

    Bananas can be found in most households across the U.S., but do you know about the power they have to change lives? Learn about how one community of banana farmers in Colombia is using the power of Fair Trade to create a new future for their children and community as a whole.

  • women-raking-coffee

    Strength in numbers: Cooperatives making a difference

    Coffee farmers and workers around the world face uncertain futures in light of challenging times. However, by forming Cooperatives and the many benefits that Fair Trade certification brings there is a bright light on the horizon for many. Learn about the current challenges they are facing, how Fair Trade is helping to address the issues, and how you as an individual can help.

  • Isabel Uriarte farming coffee

    Celebrating Isabel Uriarte, a voice for female farmers in Peru

    Fair Trade celebrates amazing women around the world like Isabel Uriarte, who is creating life changing opportunities for women in her community.

  • child with parents scholorship

    3 Farmworkers on the importance of Fair Trade

    Take a journey with three different farmworkers to learn more about your food, their lives and the importance of Fair Trade.

  • fair trade tomatoes

    Make Fair Trade vegetables the star of your holiday meal

    This year you can extend the holiday spirit from your harvest table to farming families around the world with Fair Trade. By choosing produce with the Fair Trade Certified seal, you can turn grandma’s green bean casserole or Aunt Judy’s butternut squash soup into a global force for good.

  • Hannah Thiessen

    Revolutionize your wardrobe with Fair Trade

    We’ve asked a few of our favorite bloggers, yogis, and Instagram personalities to model their favorite Fair Trade Certified apparel. Together, these photos highlight the range of Fair Trade options available. Whether you choose a strappy swimsuit or flirty frock, you’ll be making a powerful fashion statement, one whose impact stretches all the way across the globe.