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If you have concerns regarding a Fair Trade USA® position, policy, decision, or the behavior of anyone involved in the Fair Trade USA system, we want to address it.

To submit feedback on a Fair Trade USA standard or about Fair Trade USA’s standards-setting process, please visit our standards page.

Complaints Procedure

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We will notify you when your feedback is received. Once an investigation is concluded, we will communicate the findings and decision.

Report misuse of the Fair Trade Certified™ seal

We take proper use of the Fair Trade Certified seal seriously. If you see someone violating our seal use guidelines (which are available on our partner resources page), help us by reporting it.

Often, a case of a product or brand misusing the seal is simply a mistake. In some cases, businesses that are not licensed by Fair Trade USA use the term "Fair Trade Certified" or use the Fair Trade Certified seal on their products. In others, companies that are licensed by Fair Trade USA use the term or label incorrectly.

To submit a report of misuse, we just need some basic information from you.
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Once we’ve received your request, we’ll use this information to follow up with you.
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