Fair Trade Certified Dairy

Fair Trade USA® is piloting the application of the Agricultural Production Standard (APS) in the dairy sector in the United States. This page houses updates on the expansion of scope of the APS to apply to dairies.


Building upon the strong foundation of the APS, Fair Trade USA began an exploration of the US dairy sector in early 2019 with the goal of determining how a fair trade certification program could be most relevant, impactful, and valuable. Coming out of that exploration, Fair Trade USA sees clear opportunity to complement existing initiatives within and surrounding the dairy industry and bring positive impact to the sector by applying our unique model of standards, Premium, and producer services. Fair Trade USA is moving forward to create the first ever fair trade certification in the US dairy sector by expanding the scope of the APS to apply in a dairy context via dairy-specific amendments to the standard.


As the project progresses, Fair Trade USA will create opportunities for comment and feedback on the draft expansion of scope of the standard, including at least one public comment period. Interested stakeholders are welcome to email us at standards@fairtradeusa.org with questions, comments, or to be contacted at the start of the public comment period.


Dairy Project Plan