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Fair Trade Standards Development and Revision

In accordance with ISEAL, Fair Trade USA™ standards are reviewed at least every five years. We also regularly review Price and Premium rates to identify externalities that may affect our producer and industry partners and to ensure fair trade products deliver positive impact on the ground. Read our Standards Development and Revision Procedure to see how it works. To propose revisions or clarifications to a standard, please email us.

Public Consultations

Now in its 25th year, and emerging from the cascade of unprecedented global market trends and instability stemming from the pandemic, Fair Trade USA is undertaking a multi-year evaluation of its programs and models that the moment requires. In order to respond to current and emerging forces threatening the viability of the livelihoods of farmers and workers, as well as the future of sustainable sourcing for industry, we started these evaluations with the Fair Trade Certified™ factory program announcing, among other changes, new premium rates early this year. This focus now turns to our Produce program and the wide range of premium rates across the category.


Fair Trade Produce Premium Announcement — November 2023

Fair Trade Minimum Price Adjustment Value in Côte d’Ivoire — October 2023

Standards Work Program 2023


Fair Trade Minimum Price Adjustment Value in Côte d’Ivoire — April 2023

Agricultural Production Standard Revision

APS Revisions

Factory Production Standard Revision

FPS Revisions

Premium Announcement: Revised Premium for Five Species of Wild-Caught Pacific Salmon — August 2021


Updated Agricultural Production Standard (APS) effective January 01, 2022


Factory Standard Major Revision Project Plan


Capture Fisheries Standard Revision

CFS Revisions