Standards development and revision

At Fair Trade USA, we welcome your questions and feedback about how we set and revise our standards.


In accordance with ISEAL, our standards are reviewed at least every five years. We also regularly review Price and Premium rates to identify externalities that may affect our producer and industry partners and to ensure Fair Trade products deliver positive impact on the ground. Read our Standards Development and Revision Procedure (in English, en español) to see how it works.

Updated Factory Standard for Apparel & Home Goods effective January 15, 2018

Updated Capture Fisheries Standard (CFS) effective January 15, 2018

Price and Premium consultation: Table grapes, South America – November 2017

Pricing announcement: Updated organic tomato on vine premium for Mexico and the USA - October 2017

New Agricultural Production Standard (APS) effective March 1, 2017

Standards work plan for 2017

Pricing announcement: Updated strawberry premium for the Americas - January 2017

Pricing announcement: Updated Yellowfin tuna premium for Indonesia - August 2016