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The Value of Fair Tradefor BrandsFair trade isn’t just a way to do good — it’s a way to transform your business, meet sustainability goals, and build resilient and transparent supply chains.Who Benefits from Fair TradeAs demand for sustainable and ethically-sourced...

Fair Trade and Safe Working Conditions

Safe working conditions are essential to bettering lives and enhancing sustainability. Learn how fair trade standards help meet the need for personal well-being, access to on-site safety equipment, clean drinking water, and proper sanitary conditions.

Fair Trade USA™ Factory Production Standard 2.0 Transformation

OAKLAND, Calif. (March 16, 2023) — Fair Trade USA™ recently unveiled its new Factory Production Standard, significantly improving its overall certification process. The redesign supports accelerated factory onboarding, expansion into new product categories and...

Fair Trade Dairy

Enhancing your dairy brand with fair tradeWhy Fair Trade DairyDairy farming in the U.S. has never been easy. Issues such as overproduction, volatile markets, and a rise in dairy alternatives have contributed to a sharp decline in the number of dairy farms across the...

The Fair Trade Holiday Gift Guide

Give with purpose this holiday season! When you choose fair trade holiday gifts, you’re making a conscious choice to support the well-being of farmers, fishers and workers around the world.