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The Value of Fair Tradefor BrandsFair trade isn’t just a way to do good — it’s a way to transform your business, meet sustainability goals, and build resilient and transparent supply chains.Who Benefits from Fair TradeAs demand for sustainable and ethically-sourced...

The Fair Trade Holiday Guide

Give with purpose this holiday season! When you choose fair trade holiday gifts, you’re making a conscious choice to support the well-being of farmers, fishers and workers around the world.

Fair Trade Month: Building on a Billion

One billion dollars into this journey, we are ready to reach the next billion, and we aren’t waiting another 25 years to reach it. Fair Trade Month offered the perfect platform to share how we plan to do this and how you can help!

Where to Find Fair Trade Chocolate

The cocoa industry is wrought with child labor, deforestation, and other issues detrimental to people and planet. The good news it that fair trade chocolate is different. It’s ethically sourced and helps support cocoa farmers.

Fair Trade Innovation

Fair Trade InnovationEvolving Theory of ChangeIn a world where change is not only inevitable but constant, Fair Trade USA has remained committed to innovation as means to meet the moment. This means continuously exploring how to transform the way we think about trade...

Fair Trade Coffee Innovation

Fair Trade Coffee Innovation In its 35-year history, the global Fair Trade model has not been significantly modified. Meanwhile, the realities of the market and global production have changed significantly. Fair Trade USA recognizes the need to evolve in light of...

Get Started

Get StartedWhether you’re wondering how to get your product or supply chain Fair Trade Certified or want to learn more about sourcing, selling, or promoting Fair Trade Certified products, we can help! Fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly to...