#JustOneCup Resources

Join us this September as we show our support of our coffee farmers and demonstrate the power of #JustOneCup of Fair Trade Certified™ coffee on International Coffee Day.

September 29, 2020

Celebrate fair trade coffee with us this International Coffee Day. This has been a tumultuous year, making a difficult situation worse for many people whose livelihoods depend on coffee. Fair trade has and will continue to help, and we also want coffee drinkers to understand the significance of responsible sourcing as a way that they can make a difference. In the days leading up to International Coffee Day, we'll provide education and resources to coffee drinkers about why a choice for fair trade coffee matters now more than ever. This includes education about what fair trade coffee means, tips on how and where to buy Fair Trade Certified coffee, resources for home brewers, and celebration of brands who have committed to fair trade sourcing. We hope you'll join us!

How to participate:

Access thousands of high resolution photos from your fair trade cooperatives along with stories and quotes from the farmers behind Fair Trade Certified coffee. As a partner, you have access to download and use our photos for your #JustOneCup campaign and promotional materials.

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Join the campaign

Want to run a promotion? Use in-store signage? Create a video or blog post? Whatever tricks you've got up your sleeve, we'll find ways to support you and help show your conscious consumers why your commitment to fair trade matters. Let's talk!