This National Coffee Day, make your cup matter and make your voice heard.

September 29, 2019

Coffee farmers are facing a crisis as prices have collapsed and remain stuck below $1 a pound. Forced to choose between selling their coffee for less than the cost of production or abandon their farms, more and more are choosing the way out in order to survive. Something has to change in order to save the future of coffee, starting with our choices.

Fair trade guarantees a minimum price to help coffee producers through hard times. On top of that, producers who sell on fair trade terms earn an additional amount per pound in Community Development Funds to spend on quality and productivity improvements and addressing community needs. Over the last 20 years, Fair Trade USA has generated over $600 million in financial benefit to producers.

This National Coffee Day, September 29th, we’re setting a change into motion to show the industry we care. Your challenge? Show your support for coffee farmers and make your voice heard by drinking Fair Trade Certified™ coffee. Just one cup is all it takes.

How to participate:

Find your coffee

Fancy yourself a home brewer? Whatever your taste, we'll help you find your new favorite fair trade coffee online or in-store.

Special offers

Who doesn't love a little extra incentive to make a positive impact? We've rounded up all the best National Coffee Day deals and discounts from brands selling fair trade coffee.

Sign the petition

You're doing your part—now tell coffee companies to do theirs! Add your signature to help end the humanitarian crisis in the coffee industry.

Join the conversation

Share your Fair Trade Certified cuppa and inspire your friends to brew better by posting with #JustOneCup on social media. We’ll share our favorite photos!

Learn more

What is the coffee crisis and how can fair trade help? We explain, and debunk the most common misconceptions about fair trade coffee.