Fair Trade USA's Statement on Xinjiang

At Fair Trade USA®, we value a more equitable trade model that benefits workers and consumers. We envision a world where sustainable development is the norm, communities across the world are safe, and workers are treated fairly and empowered through their work. As such, we are deeply concerned about the reports of forced labor toward Uyghurs and other ethnic minority workers in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) and elsewhere in China.

We work hard to ensure employees in our Fair Trade Certified factories are provided with safe conditions, free from forced labor, human trafficking, and harassment. We enforce this through multiple approaches, including audits, interviews, investigations, and ongoing engagement with factory workers.

While no factories in our program are in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region, fashion supply chains are multi-layered and interconnected. To address this issue head-on, we have joined the larger industry call for action and are standing in solidarity with the Fair Labor Association. We are also working in close partnership with organizations like the American Apparel & Footwear Association and our brand partners. We believe that a solution will come not only from industry collaboration but also a multilateral approach that includes participation from governments, labor advocates, NGOs, and workers themselves.


For more information, contact Kasi Martin, Senior Public Relations Manager at Fair Trade USA, at kmartin@fairtradeusa.org or visit our Apparel and Home Goods Program page.