Alma Guadalupe Tzec Cervantes

Factory Employee

Alma Guadalupe Tzec Cervantes, 28, works at a Fair Trade Certified™ factory in Yucatan, Mexico, checking and folding shirts. She has worked at the factory since 2008 and was there when they joined the fair trade program in 2017. At the end of that first year, the workers voted to spend the Community Development Funds they had earned through fair trade to offer every worker, at no cost, the choice between either a stove and kitchen items, or a bicycle and two blankets—items identified through a worker survey as their community’s biggest needs. Alma, who is just one of more than 1,000 workers and their family members impacted by this offering, chose the stove and kitchen items. She says, “I think the fair trade program is great. No one expected it to be like it is. It is a great opportunity.” Her community still has needs that she hopes can be voted on to address with Community Development Funds in the future. “Our biggest need is to have running water,” she says. “We have it, but it only runs a couple hours a day. So that makes life difficult, especially if the water comes while we are at work.” Your continued support of clothing made in Fair Trade Certified factories funds projects like this for Alma and her community.

Alma Guadalupe Tzec Cervantes works at a Fair Trade Certified factory.
Alma Guadalupe Tzec Cervantes checks and folds Fair Trade Certified shirts.


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