Céline Semaan

Designer & Advocate

Céline Semaan is an ambassador of cultures whose research and work are at the intersection of fashion and politics. Forced to flee her home country of Lebanon as a child, she has been raised between the Global East and West, finding herself advocating for peace, equality, and human rights along the way. She founded Slow Factory, the fashion firm that has grown to be world-renowned for high-quality silks and wearable art printed with satellite and telescope images from NASA. Ms. Semaan is a writer, designer, and thought leader, trailblazing and championing “Fashion Activism,” a term she coined in 2012.

Describe your style.
I usually go for classics with a twist—things that I can wear for a long time. My style can be identified as timeless troublemaker.

What are you passionate about?
Truth and justice for our Earth and all its people. I work tirelessly in raising the collective awareness we have about our resources, our behavior, and social and racial justice that impact us all. What gets me out of bed in the morning is working for the future of my children and all children.

What does wearing fair trade clothing mean to you?
I am proud to support fair trade as an initiative to bring equality and justice to factory workers making our clothes all over the world—to shine the light on who they are, and to raise awareness about our common humanity.


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