Dominique and Whitney

Founders, Sustainable Brooklyn

Dominique Drakeford and Whitney McGuire are the founders of Sustainable Brooklyn, a community-based initiative that works to bridge the gaps between the mainstream sustainability movement and targeted communities.

Dominique addresses the intersections of sustainability to heal humanity’s relationship to the earth and create equitable change for economic well-being. In addition to being co-founder of Sustainable Brooklyn, she is Lead Editor and Creator of MelaninASS (Melanin And Sustainable Style), an online publication highlighting Black/Indigenous People of Color in sustainable fashion, beauty, wellness, and agriculture (including land sovereignty). Dominique educates via public speaking, including workshops, keynotes, and panels across New York, California, London and Australia. She has been featured in Elle Magazine, The Cut, Fashionista, i-D, Nylon, Fashion Mag, Cosmopolitan, Who What Wear, SELF, Essence and Green American Magazine.

Whitney is an attorney for creative entrepreneurs, co-founder of record label swiMMMers ear, designer, producer, and mother. Through her work, she champions the sustainability of those hailing from targeted communities including Black/Indigenous artists. Prior to beginning her solo practice, Whitney held positions as a federal judicial law clerk in Las Vegas, and as a contract attorney and later, of counsel, at a Los Angeles based firm, formerly known as The Fashion Law Group. Prior to relocating to New York from Las Vegas, Whitney was an integral board member of the Las Vegas Arts District and the Las Vegas Fashion Council. Currently, Whitney helms Sustainable Brooklyn with her co-founder, educates via workshops, keynotes, and panel discussions, and advises clients in various creative industries utilizing a holistic approach to the practice of law.

Fair Trade USA: How is Sustainable Brooklyn increasing inclusivity in the environmental movement?


"Sustainable Brooklyn bridges the gap between the mainstream sustainability movement and targeted communities. We exist to disrupt the whitewashing of sustainability across all spectrums, especially within agriculture, fashion, and wellness."


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