Rachael Wang

Fashion Director & Stylist

Rachael Wang‘s progressive and intuitive fashion vision earned her positions as fashion market director at Style.com and fashion director of Allure magazine early in her career. Her influential fashion direction can be seen in her collaborations with brands like Nike, Universal Standard, Mara Hoffman, and Opening Ceremony, in her inspired editorial commissions for Document Journal, Telegraph, Japanese and Chinese Vogue, and in her styling of “it-girls” and up-and-comers like Chloe Sevigny, Alexa Chung, Halsey, Dua Lipa, and Dev Hynes. Rachael was an early champion of ethical and sustainable fashion and in 2017 she founded Rachael Wang Studio, a consulting agency which focuses on bringing ethics and inclusivity to creative and fashion direction.

Describe your style.
For me, getting dressed has always been intuitive and emotional. As I get older though, I find myself becoming more and more concerned with not only how my clothes look or make me feel, but where, how, and by whom they are made.

What are you passionate about?
It’s important to me that the fashion industry starts to really incorporate ethics into every aspect of its process, from the imagery produced by fashion media and advertising and its influence on how folks feel about themselves, to the true diversity of people holding positions of power at brands, PR firms, and media outlets, to fabric sourcing and technology innovation and the working conditions and wages of garment workers.

What does wearing fair trade clothing mean to you?
As someone who tries to vote with my purchases, buying and wearing fair trade is a way that I can encourage brands to prioritize ethics. Ensuring that laborers receive sustainable incomes and benefits for the work they do is the only way we’ll have a fighting chance at building a truly sustainable fashion industry.


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