S. Kalavathi


S. Kalavathi is the president of the Fair Trade Committee at Bestitch Knits, the Fair Trade Certified factory in India where she works as a tailor. As president, she leads and organizes projects funded by the Community Development Funds earned through her factory’s fair trade certification intended to help her fellow workers live better lives. One of those projects is a daily nutritious snack program for the factory’s roughly 200 workers. A typical snack includes fresh steamed green bean sprouts and tea, which she helps prepare and serve to workers herself. Before this project, she noticed workers arriving on empty stomachs, because they either live far away or were too busy helping their families get ready in the morning. As a result, they were losing concentration and making mistakes on the job. Some took to local food stalls near the factory, which are typically unhealthy. But now, because of the morning snacks, workers are able to be more energetic and productive. “The daily nutritious snack we organize is something they can count on and stay nourished until lunchtime," she says.

S. Kalavathi works as a tailor making Fair Trade Certified clothing.
S. Kalavathi works on a daily nutritious snack program for the factory’s roughly 200 workers.


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