Sarain Fox

Anishinaabekwe Activist

Sarain Fox is an indigenous Canadian activist from the Anishinaabekwe nation, a performer, dancer, and television host who speaks candidly about her culture and the harsh reality that indigenous people continue to face. Sarain is the host of the VICELAND show Rise, which takes viewers into the heart of North American indigenous communities fighting to protect their homelands. As a dancer, Sarain uses her platform to create meaningful dialogue between her indigenous community and settler communities, and advance her lifelong commitment to art as a tool for reconciliation.

Describe your style.
I live for comfort, but I love a creative outfit. I would call my personal style athleisure meets cutting edge with a dash of beads (and yes, beads over diamonds all day long).

What are you passionate about?
As an indigenous woman, I was raised with the inherent responsibility to care for the earth and to protect it. For every decision I make, I look back to the seven generations that came before me, and forward seven generations to those yet to come.

What does wearing fair trade clothing mean to you?
Wearing fair trade is wearing my ethics on my sleeve. Literally. I can trust when I see the Fair Trade Certified™ seal that the garment I am choosing has been thought about. It's a feel-good, change the world kind of decision, and it matters to me.


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